My daughter joined Camp Webby for the first time last week. She had the most incredible time. It was a great mix of creative arts, yoga, magic and general fun. A great way to keep her occupied for a few hours a day. Highly recommend!

Sona S.

Armaan loved Camp Webby! Given the current situation and physical distancing protocol, Camp Webby allowed Armaan to interact with his friends and still enjoy a camp-like experience while being safe. The instructors are great at engaging the kids and maintaining that engagement through the week. Armaan loved the games component (charades, 20 questions, etc.) as well as the talent show on Fridays. Excellent job Camp Webby. Thank you!

Ruchika P.

My daughter is in her 2nd week with camp Webby and it’s really nice to see her get more and more excited everyday to go to camp. She loves the magic shows, art classes and talent show the most. I heard her sobbing when her laptop battery died and she thought she was missing her favorite game in class.

Emma U.

I was really nervous about my kids doing camp on Zoom. They are high energy and had a lot of difficulty concentrating at school once it moved online. My kids LOVED Camp Webby and would talk about their activities long after the day was done. Camp Webby kept my kids active and social throughout. They made friends, learned some new skills and the staff was fun and engaging. Thank you Camp Webby for helping our kids stay connected and have fun during these isolating times!

Patrick M.

My kids loved their week with Camp Webby and were sad when it was over.  All I could hear from another room was laughter and giggling which is a good sign of success for an online virtual camp.

Lia Q.

Couldn't be happier with our first week of camp. The staff are amazing and my kids made new friends!

Rachel M.