The prospect of in-person after-school activities and academic support in the 2020-21 school year remains uncertain and unsafe.


Camp Webby perfected an online model that welcomed over 100 campers from Canada and the US into our community over the summer of 2020. Building on our tried and true core model, Camp Webby wants to help parents and children this school year by being a one-stop-shop for after-school activities and academic support! 


We are offering 3 new programs to help you make the most out of the Fall and Winter:

1.  Webby After-School

Webby After-School is our weekly evening program for extra-curricular activities in the Fall-Winter. Our classes run for ten weeks at a time and place more of an emphasis on skill-building and collaboration! Our students will work towards a common goal and/or project that they will showcase at the end of the term. 

At Webby After-School, campers are divided into two cohorts: Webby Junior (ages five to eight) and Webby Senior (ages nine to eleven). Our course offerings include: Art Club, Fitness, Theatre and Magic Workshop. We are offering all classes at three different time slots for maximum flexibility. Please see our schedule below, and please click here for more information about our classes!

2. Webby Academy

We want to make your lives as easy as possible this school year by providing your children with both recreational fun and academic support in the same place and at a reduced cost! Webby Academy is our academic enrichment and tutoring arm of Camp Webby and we will be offering both group academic enrichment courses as well as private one-on-one tutoring sessions! We are recruiting OCT certified teachers and university students to lead these courses.


Our course offerings include: Math Enrichment, English Enrichment, French Enrichment and Computers & Coding Enrichment.  We are offering all classes at three different time slots for maximum flexibility. Please see our schedule below, and please click here for more information about our classes!



3. Webby Weekend


Webby Weekend is a continuation of our summer camp program which we'll be offering over ten Saturdays this Fall-Winter! Our robust camp model ran for a very successful 8 weeks this past summer and offers physical, social and creative activities. 


Our course offerings include: Math Enrichment, English Enrichment, French Enrichment and Computers & Coding Enrichment.  We are offering all classes at three different time slots for maximum flexibility. Please see our schedule below, and please click here for more information about our classes!



All Camp Webby programs run using the Zoom interface.  Please see our FAQ page for more information.


Camp Webby will run for three sessions in the Fall-Winter:


Fall Session: October 5 - December 12

Winter Session: January 13 - March 20

Spring Session: March 22 - May 29


Activities for each session will vary. For enrolment schedules please visit the Packages and Pricing section.

Please see our Webby Academy, Webby After-School and Webby Weekend schedules, below! 

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Our Tailored Approach to Online Programming

We've spent months refining our model for virtual programming that maximizes camper/student satisfaction and minimizes parent engagement. As an exclusively virtual brand, we know how to run online programming that works!


Unlike classroom lessons over Zoom, we've designed our programs and activities to be interactive and game-like in an effort to maximize participation and engagement. For example, we turn a conventional drama lesson into an exciting improv game for campers to work in teams, develop skills and have as much fun as possible!


We understand that online communication has constraints. That's why we've developed a system for our staff to strategically target each and every camper/student and monitor engagement throughout our sessions. Our model also optimizes camper-camper communication, helping our campers work collaboratively and make new friends!


Zoom fatigue is real and we understand how important it is to take breaks! As such, we've built scheduled breaks into all our programming at Webby After-School, Webby Weekend and Webby Academy! Our campers/students will have at least one 5 minute break during each active session that includes a stretch and a few breathing exercises! Plus, our weekend programs have a long snack/lunch break to help campers refuel and make the most of their time at camp!


The Webby After-School program balances interactive and fun activities with skill-building, socialization and teamwork. From developing a new skill to learning with friends, Webby After-School offers an immersive and well-rounded experience.

Image by Kyle Head


Our Webby After-School Theatre program encourages campers to express themselves creatively and assists in the development of emotional intelligence. Run by university theatre majors and acting students, the program includes a full gamified curriculum and culminates in a virtual performance for family and friends!



Exercise and physical activity are so important for a child's physical and mental health and our Fitness program has been designed with this reality in mind! Our robust program offers a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises designed to help your kids stay healthy and strong! Students work toward fitness goals they set with their instructors and log performance over the course of the program!

Image by Jade Stephens


Art Club focuses on using art as a tool for creativity and exploration. Our students work with a range of materials and approach inquiries through different mediums. Our students develop an appreciation for different styles of art and work toward projects of their choosing that they present to friends and family throughout the term!

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The Toronto Magic Company works with the best magicians in the world to put on incredible shows in Toronto. This school year, the Toronto Magic Company will be revealing their secrets at Webby After-School through very fun and informative workshops. Students will participate in demonstrations and will showcase their talents at the end of term!

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We know how important it is for your children to stay on top of their school work, particularly in these uncertain times. The Webby Academy Program includes both private one-on-one tutoring and group enrichment options. We work directly with OCT certified teachers and industry leaders to curate the most effective pedagogical model for online delivery. Our class instructors include a mix of university students and OCT certified teachers.

Academic Enrichment: Leveling up!

Our core enrichment strategy is to help students master their coursework while building their self-efficacy and academic confidence. Our curricula mirror the core elementary concepts in each of the subject areas offered. Our lessons primarily take the form of targeted problem sets to help our students further their understanding of the material and hone their problem solving skills! Our classes will include no more than 10 students at a time and each student will be encouraged to work through problems independently! Our teachers are ready to address each and every child’s needs!

We will be offering enrichment in three separate levels. Level 1 includes students who are performing at a grade 1-2 level. Level 2 will cover topics for students performing at a grade 3-4 level. Finally, Level 3 will include instruction for performance at a grade 5+ level! Each student will complete a diagnostic test before beginning our enrichment programs to determine their appropriate level of instruction. Students who show steady improvements will be given the opportunity to move up to a higher level!

We are offering enrichment in the following courses/areas:

1. Mathematics- Grades 1-5+

2. English- Grades 1-5+

3. French- Grades 1-5+

4. Computers and Coding- by different competencies (Level 1= Beginner, Level 2= Intermediate, Level 3= Advanced).

Private Tutoring

​Our core strategy is to provide the highest quality tutoring and educational mentorship to our students. Tutoring requires sufficient knowledge and expertise in the subject areas as well as an ability to simplify course concepts. Mentorship helps our students build the right study habits and self-efficacy to approach any problem, no matter how difficult.

We are offering private one-on-one tutoring in the following areas:

1. Mathematics

2.  English

3.  French

4.  Science

5.  Social Science

6.  Computers and Coding

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Our Webby Weekend program is a continuation of our summer camp which sold out almost every week in operation! Our program is cognitively and physically stimulating and provides campers with an opportunity to make new friends and learn new things. Who wouldn't want camp all year round?!?!

Children Tying Their Shoes
Illustrated Musical Instruments


Exercise is an important part of your child's physical and mental health. Although activities take place virtually at Camp Webby, we hope the computer is the only thing standing still. Camp Webby workouts include a variety of aerobic and anaerobic activities designed to improve cardiovascular health, endurance and mental focus.


Music is a wonderful medium for self-expression and social cohesion. During music at Camp Webby campers will develop their musical aptitudes by listening, creating and learning about melody and rhythm. Campers will be introduced to different types of instruments and styles of compositions through fun and interactive activities.


Drama allows campers to exercise their creativity and learn to work collaboratively. Campers will develop acting skills through voice control, movement and song (Webby Jr. classes) and script writing, character building and improvisation (Webby Sr. classes).

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Storage containers for art and craft
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Social games at Camp Webby allow campers to improve their cooperative, communication, and critical thinking skills through activities including but not limited to storytelling, charades, trivia, hangman and team Pictionary.


Arts & Crafts at Webby Weekend is a staple of our camp program! In the visual arts component of this program, campers will be exposed to a variety of sketching and painting techniques and materials. In the crafts component, campers will begin learning about design and space through decoration.


The Toronto Magic Company produces weekly magic shows all over Toronto. Nowadays they spend their time putting on public virtual magic shows, private virtual magic parties, and virtual magic workshops, sharing wonder with magic lovers all over the world. Founders Jonah Babins and Ben Train combine humour, interactivity, and a whole lot of fun to make magic an exciting and interactive experience.

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